Vanitha-20087 Nov

Taste's Technicians

If a 10 year little boy is watching her mother while she is cutting the fish, the new generation parents will think that how carefully he is watching, surely he will become a surgeon. If all the dreams of our parents had take place, all of our street full of with surgeons. But the little boy was looking one the process his grandmother jayalakshmi thought that he will become a chef, good chef. There is no change on his grandmother's predication. This story of taste is from Karuvanthala in Thrissur .The hero Jithin (s/o Mr. Rama Krishnan & Sunitha), Who completed BCA from Sakthan thampuran math's & art collage . If you want food for more than 5000 people, jithin is always ready. Not only the ordinary foods he is willing to serve his own items in the function. When he was a 10 year old boy started cooking himself .All the student are going to play that time he will go to kitchen and start helping mother & grandma and he was testing food for his grandma .

If her grandchild said ok for a dish then Mrs: jayalakshmi does not have doubt about that dish .From his 5th year itself he having a better idea about taste .All the other children watching carton and cinemas in the TV, jithan was interested to watch cookery shows.

When he was studying in 7th standard somebody gave him money for buying chicken curry from hotel .But he never go to hotel or restaurant. He just went to a chicken farm and buy one chicken and all the essentials for chicken curry .Then he will enter into kitchen within hours, the testy chicken curry is ready, from that time itself he is a hero.

He is considering his kitchen as a chemistry lab .Every time he used to new taste, he never leave the legacy which he got from his grandma. Jithin says " it is very difficult to make one dish rather than new software. We can't predict the taste of a dish until it finished. Four different people making the some dish, we will get 4 different tastes and also we can easily identify who prepared it".

In his home sometimes he doesn't like the taste of mother's food, that time his mother used to tell him that if you want more taste prepare yourself. Actually he was waiting for the permission from mom he started cooking himself and prepare a tasting dish within a hour .So that his mother and sister can reduce their kitchen work .

Cooking should have an accuracy.

There are 3 important factors
1 Accurate ingredients
2 Accurate heat
3 Accurate time

"Then we should give more concentration more over whenever I am cooking I will be work with happy mind then only I will get the real taste that is his mystery Currently jithin is at '20' if we ask one girl at the same age they might be in trouble. So that jithins having so many fans. The ladies fans are telling that if I marry him. I can eat something very tasty. But he never listen their comments because from first standard itself he is the topper of his class also he got good marks in 10th and 12th.He is trying to complete his computer Engineering So after his cooking he gives more concentration to computer. His friends giving a good publicity inside the campus so that he having so many fans in his collage. Many of his friends call him to their home for any special occasions. Because they need not be worry about the food say's his relative Ramesh. He didn't accept cooking as profession. But he use to cook for his friends & relative.

His aim is to become a software Engineer . "Cooking is an my blood so that I won't stop this, also try for more good dishes "jithin said.There is a good talk the men be a good gynecologist like that cooks. jithin's is good example for that.